A Day in the Life of Dr. Vince Baker, DVM (Ep. 7)

A Day in the Life of Dr. Vince Baker, DVM (Ep. 7)

Your alarm goes off at 3:45 am, you get up, get dressed, and make yourself a cup of coffee.

You gather the equipment you will need for the day, put on your rubber boots and head out the door. You arrive to begin your workday – it’s just 4:30 am

This is just a glimpse into the day in the life of an equine veterinarian.

Join Billy and Shaun as they chat with Vince Baker, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) about his experiences as a world-renowned equine veterinarian, challenges facing the veterinary profession, his successes throughout the years and, the importance of recognizing your strengths.

Listen as Dr. Vince shares:

  • How he carried on his father’s legacy of being a veterinarian 
  • His daily routine at the racetrack and how he makes sure horses are healthy
  • Some of the notable horses he has tended to and cared for throughout his career
  • His opinion concerning the challenges that face the veterinary profession, including corporate buyouts of small animal clinics and legal regulations
  • Stories surrounding his friendship with Billy
  • And more!


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