Does Your Risk Match Your Profile? (Ep. 6)

Does Your Risk Match Your Profile? (Ep. 6)

Investing can be risky, but it’s also an essential part of growing your wealth. 

In this episode, Billy is joined by his son, Cade and together they dive into taking risks with your investments and emphasize the importance of knowing your risk tolerance. They also clarify that investing is not the same as gambling, and explain why it’s necessary to be bold when building a successful portfolio.

Join the conversation to learn more about: 

  • The current market selloff and the risks associated with the Federal Reserve’s actions to combat inflation
  • The process of determining an investor’s risk score through a few simple questions, and the importance of regularly monitoring your tolerance
  • Why Tesla is an example of a high-risk company that has proven to be successful
  • The risks of complacency in investing and the history of speculative booms
  • And more!



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