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Financial Health & Wellness Boot Camp 2024 (Ep. 29)

Financial Health & Wellness Boot Camp 2024 (Ep. 29)

Unlocking the potential of our youth through financial empowerment doesn’t just shape individual destinies; it fortifies the very bedrock of our communities, paving the way for a brighter, more resilient future for all.

Together with The Livastride Foundation, Peterson Wealth Services will host its 14th Annual Financial Health & Wellness Boot Camp on  March 19, 2024 at Weber State University. 

With a panel of industry leaders, a keynote speaker, and an audience of hundreds of students and educators, this event is dedicated to fostering practical financial education for the real world. 

Join Billy, Cade, and Shaun in this installment of Harnessing Your Wealth to hear how a family tradegy formed a foundation that grew into a multitude of events that helped youth and families in need. And now, for the past fourteen years, the Petersons have streamlined their mission to focus on an event that empowers youth to learn the value of both money, and life.

Notable topics from this episode include:

  • The Livastride Foundation, created in memory of Billy’s brother, Brody
  • Stories of past events including baseball tournaments and a home-run derby
  • Why it’s important to Peterson Wealth Services to support financial education initiatives  
  • How Billy became interested in finances and investing 
  • Physical and emotional ties between financial well-being and mental health
  • Information regarding the Financial Health & Wellness Boot Camp including guest speakers and topics of discussion
  • And more!


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