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Secrets to Creating and Maintaining Relationships with Emil Harker, MS LMFT (Ep. 26)

Secrets to Creating and Maintaining Relationships with Emil Harker, MS LMFT (Ep. 26)

Human connections are an essential part of life, but they are not always easy to navigate.

Relationships can face many challenges, such as the influence of social media, the diversity of expectations, and the complexity of divorce. 

How can we understand and improve our relationships today?

In this episode, Billy and Shaun Peterson welcome Emil Harker, MS LMFT, Author, Speaker, Trainer, Facilitator, and Emcee. Together, they explore the complexities of modern relationships, including the impact of social media and infidelity, and discuss the emotional effects of divorce, particularly on children. Emil also offers practical advice for couples to align their financial goals and expectations, highlighting the significance of open communication and shared decision-making in achieving a harmonious partnership.

Emil discusses: 

  • Conflict resolution and helping individuals/couples improve their relationships
  • The impact of social media on relationships with ourselves and with others
  • Biological and psychological mechanisms that influence defensive reactions 
  • The cost of anger, emotional trauma, and the importance of therapy in managing financial and emotional stress
  • Advantages of a collaborative approach in divorce
  • The role of money in relationships, self-worth, and differing expectations leading to conflicts
  • The power of the mind in overcoming anxiety and depression
  • And more!


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About Our Guest: 

Emil Harker graduated in 1999 with a Masters of Science degree from USU. He is a passionate speaker, getting through the fluffy stuff to the real nuts and bolts of dealing with conflict with confidence and composure. Emil’s training and speaking engagements include EO groups, YPO groups, corporations, conventions, and conferences. Emil’s groundbreaking communication book “You Can Turn Conflict Into Closeness” has earned him the reputation of being a thought leader in communication and conflict resolution. Emil’s expertise has made him a frequent guest over the past 5 years on KUTV Channel 2 Fresh Living program and KSL Channel 5 in SLC Utah. He’s been on the Ricki Lake Show with pro basketball player Antoine Walker as well as many call-in radio shows. Emil’s innovative down to earth and fresh approach to dealing with the biggest issues that affect the quality of life and productivity of people has made him a highly sought-after presenter, trainer, and facilitator.