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Balancing Fame and Business with Angie Katsanevas and Shawn Trujillo (Ep. 32)

Balancing Fame and Business with Angie Katsanevas and Shawn Trujillo (Ep. 32)

Are you ready to thrive in the world of wealth and personal growth, while also diving into the glittering yet gritty world of reality TV?

In this powerhouse episode of Harnessing Your Wealth, Billy and Shaun Peterson take an extraordinary journey with “Real Housewives of Salt Lake City” star Angie Katsanevas and her husband Shawn Trujillo. Listen as they share the diverse realms of entrepreneurship, personal success, and the pressures of reality TV fame. Shawn and Angie share their story, from the roots of their robust business empire, Lunatic Fringe Salons, to Angie’s dynamic role on a show that has captivated millions. 

Together they cover: 

  • How Angie found herself as a star of the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City
  • The balance between personal values and business growth
  • Behind-the-scenes insights into the beauty industry and reality TV
  • How they overcame the challenges faced during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • The importance of team culture and retaining genuine connections 
  • Strategies for navigating the unforeseen challenges in the high-stakes world of entrepreneurship and entertainment
  • And more!


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About Angie Katsanevas: 

Angie Katsanevas is a business owner and reality TV star, recognized for her role in “The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City” (RHOSLC). She co-founded Lunatic Fringe Salons with her husband, Shawn Trujillo. Angie is known for her firm personality, being described as a business owner, wife, and mother who always has her friends’ backs.

About Shawn Trujillo: 

Shawn Trujillo is a hairstylist and fitness enthusiast, known for his appearance on the reality TV show “The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City.” He co-founded Lunatic Fringe Salons with his wife, Angie Katsanevas, a chain of salons located in Utah, Idaho, and Ohio. Shawn also owns a cosmetology school, Paul Mitchell The School, in Salt Lake City.

From the Racetrack to Business Owner with Kip Didericksen (Ep. 19)

From the Racetrack to Business Owner with Kip Didericksen (Ep. 19)

Few journeys are as exhilarating and transformative as those of a jockey.

The rush of adrenaline during races and the intricate partnership between humans and horses all come together to tell a story of talent, perseverance, and passion.

In this episode, Kip Didericksen, a renowned former jockey shares his journey from the race tracks to being a business owner, highlighting how the value of hard work and strategy contributed to his success. He also talks about memorable horses and people, and the races that taught him valuable lessons. 

Kip discusses: 

  • His childhood as a member of a racehorse family and how he idolized jockeys
  • The talent level and competition among jockeys at Los Alamitos
  • His standout horses and the trainers who supported him
  • A look back at his most successful season when he was the leading rider and won multiple races
  • His experience of being treated poorly by a fellow jockey and how it motivated him to always help others
  • And more!

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