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Stay In The Saddle: How to Ride Out The Current Economy (Ep. 23)

Stay In The Saddle: How to Ride Out The Current Economy (Ep. 23)

The current state of the economy is causing uncertainty for many people around the world.

With stock market corrections, volatility, high interest rates, and discussions of a recession, it’s no wonder there is a resounding feeling of doom and gloom surrounding current affairs.

Join Billy and Shaun as they share their thoughts and perspectives on today’s economic landscape including the multitude of fear-mongering and its influence on your financial portfolio and state of mind.

Get up-to-date as Billy and Shaun touch on:

  • Factors impacting spending; inflation, a possible recession, and high interest rates
  • The attractiveness of money market funds and the stocks that have driven returns
  • Real estate woes due to expensive borrowing and the rise of rentals
  • Which sectors you should watch in a slowing economy 
  • And more!


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Is a Recession Looming on the Horizon? (Ep. 13)

Is a Recession Looming on the Horizon? (Ep. 13)

During these uncertain times, we are faced with the worry of a recession.

Is there one looming on the horizon?

Find out as Billy and Shaun welcome Strider Elass, Senior Economist at First Trust, as he shares his thoughts and predictions about whether a recession is on its way, and what we can do to prepare.

This insightful episode will cover:

  • The definition of a recession and how it typically affects the economy
  • Recession indicators according to the National Bureau of Economic Research 
  • Historical comparison of major recessions throughout the US
  • How and why the Federal Reserve is lowering the money supply
  • Quantitative tightening and quantitative easing and how they impact lending
  • How the current economic situation is different from the 2008 recession
  • The expected longevity of inflation and increased interest rates 
  • And more!


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About Our Guest: 

Strider Elass is an Economist at First Trust Advisors L.P., a financial services firm based in Wheaton, Illinois. 

At First Trust, Mr. Elass is responsible for analyzing economic indicators, writing economic commentaries, and producing pieces on the First Trust Economics Blog. 

Mr. Elass is part of the First Trust economics team that Bloomberg has consecutively ranked as one of the top forecasters of the U.S. economy over the past several years. This First Trust economics team has also won Market Watch’s “Forecaster of the Month” Award several times over the past few years. 

Mr. Elass was also instrumental in researching the book It’s Not As Bad As You Think, published in 2009 by First Trust Chief Economist Brian Wesbury. 

Beyond his research responsibilities, Mr. Elass speaks regularly at broker and retail events around the country and abroad. 

Mr. Elass received a B.A. in Business and Economics from Wheaton College, in Wheaton, Illinois, and is currently a candidate in the CFA Program.