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The Mind-Body Connection: Healing From Within with Heather Peterson (Ep. 34)

The Mind-Body Connection: Healing From Within with Heather Peterson (Ep. 34)

Today’s episode features our first return guest, Heather Peterson, who first appeared in August 2023 to discuss the mind-body connection. Due to the overwhelming popularity of that episode, we’ve invited Heather back to delve deeper into the crucial topic of mental health, which is especially pertinent as we observe Mental Health Awareness Month.

We open the discussion by addressing the stigma surrounding mental health, emphasizing the need to view mental health concerns as common and manageable issues rather than signs of instability. Billy proposes a shift in terminology from “mental health” to “emotional health” to foster a more positive and approachable perspective.

Join Billy, Shaun, and Heather for this enlightening conversation as they unpack the complex relationship between our emotional well-being and how we live our lives today, offering practical insights and strategies to improve our mental health through deeper connections and understanding.

Important highlights include:

  • The importance of connection and the detrimental effects of loneliness on mental health
  • How technology and social media impact our self-worth and perception of ourselves
  • The transformative power of acknowledging deep-seated emotions to overcome physical and mental health conditions
  • Heather’s holistic approach to pain management and its benefits
  • Success stories of individuals who have benefited from Pain Free For Good
  • And more!


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About Our Guest: 

Heather Peterson, owner and founder of Pain Free For Good, began her search for the truth in 2010 while desperately trying to find the answers to help her husband recover from chronic pain. While on her search for answers, she also healed herself and has continued to help countless others trying to cross the river of pain. As a Mindbody Healer and Coach, she is passionate about helping women discover the truth in order to overcome physical and emotional pain.