Conspiracy Theories with Isaac Weishaupt Part 2 (Ep. 28)

Conspiracy Theories with Isaac Weishaupt Part 2 (Ep. 28)

Prepare to delve deeper into the shadowy realms of conspiracy theories with Billy and Shaun as they rendezvous once again with Isaac Weishaupt. 

Together they navigate social media’s role in dismantling traditional narratives, hidden symbolism in films, and the eerie underbelly of fame and fortune. Plus, they touch on the skepticism surrounding the stability and legitimacy of digital currencies including Bitcoin.

From hidden messages to secret societies, prepare to question everything you thought you knew. 

This week’s episode features:

  • Hidden meanings and rituals depicted in the Disney movie “Hocus Pocus” 
  • Celebrities: Are they modern-day deities in pursuit of forbidden desires?
  • Extraterrestrial theories and their unsettling connections to pop culture
  • Speculation about the origins of Bitcoin and risks associated with crypto investments
  • Cryptocurrency theories and the role of the Illuminati
  • And more!


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About Isaac Weishaupt:

Host of Occult Symbolism and Pop Culture & Breaking Social Norms podcasts, Author of THE DARK PATH + 8 more on aliens, Illuminati & more. Truthing since ’11. My name is Isaac Weishaupt (*a pseudonym) and I’m the founder of I’ve been researching my entire life as an ongoing mission to determine if this reality is the truth or a cunning holographic deception. I don’t fully subscribe to any conspiracy theories, but I do find some intriguing if they resonate with any logic (also if they don’t, who am I kidding, some of them are just clever). I live in America and feel that a lot of people are more concerned with being entertained than being informed or educated. Our media reflects that.

UPDATE! Want to hear more of Billy and Isaac together? Check out Billy’s guest appearance on Occult Symbolism and Pop Culture with Isaac Weishaupt.

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