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Celebrity Financial Disasters: Fame & Fumbling Fortunes (Ep. 25)

Celebrity Financial Disasters: Fame & Fumbling Fortunes (Ep. 25)

When it comes to the green stuff, even the A-listers fumble – a raw reality check that echoes beyond the red carpet. Let’s take cues from the candid missteps, and navigate the rugged terrain of money management.

Billy, Shaun, and Cade talk about celebrity money mistakes and share consequences faced by a few prominent athletes, stemming from ill-fated financial choices, questionable investment schemes, and the failure to diversify their assets. Through the lens of these high-profile financial missteps, the trio emphasizes six steps to securing prosperity, offering insights that you can integrate into your financial strategy.

This riveting discussion unveils the pitfalls of fame and fortune, plus:

  • Examples of celebrities facing financial challenges
  • Lessons learned from celebrity financial mistakes
  • The importance of estate planning
  • Risks of “too good to be true” opportunities
  • Importance of proactive financial and estate planning, and keeping estate documents updated
  • And more


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