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Economic Highs and Lows: Navigating the Current Conditions (Ep. 35)

Economic Highs and Lows: Navigating the Current Conditions (Ep. 35)

In a world of fluctuating markets and economic uncertainty, staying informed and prepared is key.

How do we understand the current economic trends and their potential impacts? How can we make informed decisions to safeguard our wealth?

In this episode, Billy Peterson dives into the economic indicators and market trends that signal progress and caution. He provides insights into the Dow’s historic rise, sector performances, and the looming challenges in real estate and inflation. Furthermore, Billy touches on the political influences on the economy and the importance of personal financial responsibility.

Billy discusses: 

  • The surprising performance of the market, with the Dow reaching new heights 
  • Negative trends in the bond market and its implications for investors
  • The potential danger zones in the real estate market, particularly in commercial real estate due to changing work habits and loan maturities
  • Strategies to harness your wealth despite market fluctuations
  • How government spending and the election will affect the economy and inflation
  • Consumer spending shifts due to the perceived wealth effect and its consequences
  • The significance of personal responsibility in managing finances and investments
  • And more!

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State of the Oil Industry with Clint Carpenter (Ep. 5)

State of the Oil Industry with Clint Carpenter (Ep. 5)

At Peterson Wealth Services, we understand that business owners face unique challenges, which is why we are constantly striving to stay informed so we can help our clients make educated decisions.

Join Billy and Shaun as they sit down with Clint Carpenter, Co-Founder of South Texas Oil Field Solutions to chat about the oil industry, and how the last few years have affected him as a business owner. Together they delve into issues concerning the rise of green energy, how the pandemic changed the workforce in America, and the reasons why Clint has shifted his focus to ministry work.

Listen as Clint discusses: 

  • How he got into the oil and gas industry, and it’s current state within the economy
  • Challenges he endured during and now, post-pandemic
  • Why he no longer pays attention to mainstream media 
  • What he does to make a positive impact on people’s lives
  • And more!

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About Our Guest:

Clint Carpenter is a native of Freer, TX and was raised in the heart of the oil patch. He began his career as a roustabout for Hellums Services in 1997 and quickly rose up through the ranks with Key Energy. He was instrumental in the growth of a major service company, which IPO’d in 2008. He has held numerous management positions throughout his career until founding STOS in 2010. Clint has developed relationships with many of the major operators in the Eagle Ford which has led to the success of the company. Mr. Carpenter believes that a focus on service is crucial to the success of STOS.