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Economic Highs and Lows: Navigating the Current Conditions (Ep. 35)

Economic Highs and Lows: Navigating the Current Conditions (Ep. 35)

In a world of fluctuating markets and economic uncertainty, staying informed and prepared is key.

How do we understand the current economic trends and their potential impacts? How can we make informed decisions to safeguard our wealth?

In this episode, Billy Peterson dives into the economic indicators and market trends that signal progress and caution. He provides insights into the Dow’s historic rise, sector performances, and the looming challenges in real estate and inflation. Furthermore, Billy touches on the political influences on the economy and the importance of personal financial responsibility.

Billy discusses: 

  • The surprising performance of the market, with the Dow reaching new heights 
  • Negative trends in the bond market and its implications for investors
  • The potential danger zones in the real estate market, particularly in commercial real estate due to changing work habits and loan maturities
  • Strategies to harness your wealth despite market fluctuations
  • How government spending and the election will affect the economy and inflation
  • Consumer spending shifts due to the perceived wealth effect and its consequences
  • The significance of personal responsibility in managing finances and investments
  • And more!

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Navigating Economic Ups and Downs: Insights from a Third-Generation Business Owner with Nate Reeve (Ep. 16)

Navigating Economic Ups and Downs: Insights from a Third-Generation Business Owner with Nate Reeve (Ep. 16)

Managing a business has its share of trials and tribulations, from economic uncertainty and market fluctuations to finding a healthy balance between work and life.

In this episode, Billy and Shaun Peterson chat with third-generation business owner Nate Reeve of Reeve & Associates, Inc, about why he chose to buy out his father to become owner and principal of the development firm. Listen as he shares insights about his journey in the engineering industry and how his business continues to excel while navigating economic ups and downs.

Join Billy, Shaun, and Nate as they discuss:

  • How Nate became involved in the business and the pressures of following in his family’s footsteps
  • The impact of the economy, namely recessions and inflation on businesses 
  • Nate’s experience of having a brain tumor removed and the importance of relying on others for support
  • The challenges of government regulations and the impact of interest rates on businesses
  • And more!

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About Our Guest: 

Nate Reeve’s career began at the young age of 9 by helping his dad with surveys and blueprinting construction plans.

After many years of working side by side with his dad, Nate took over the company in 2010 as president. Nate graduated from Utah State University with his degree in civil engineering in 2000. As a licensed professional civil and structural engineer, his project portfolio includes large-scale land development projects with full-on and off-site infrastructure improvements as well as site development projects for the commercial, industrial, residential, and public building sectors. Nate has served as the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) president and was the first recipient of the Enterprise 7 Elite Award.

Nate is married and has two sons and two daughters. Outside of work, Nate is a lover of sports. He enjoys playing basketball, pickleball and golf, and water sports. He also loves traveling to Lake Powell and spending time with his family.